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Oct 8, 2012 - Papago Park – An Other-worldly Experience

If there is one thing that is truly phenomenal about Phoenix, it would be the wide, open spaces and gorgeous parks that people from all walks of life will enjoy. One fine example would be Papago Park which is dotted with unique red rocks...very beautiful. The Papago park is located very near to Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden.

Those who are visiting from other parts of the country, whether you are using our charter bus, mini bus, party bus, passenger bus or mini bus or not, are going to be completely enamored with the unique desert plants. There is an endless list of things to do here...for example, after your visit to the park, you can hop back onto the party bus that you have rented from Bus Rental Phoenix and head over to one of the trails. It is a huge network of trails so, you are advised to get your hands on one of their maps or have a very good, reliable GPS to help you get around. Those who love fishing can spend a couple of hours fishing at one of the lagoons or have a sheltered picnic together with your loved ones at Ramadas. There is good view, amazing weather, great company...there is absolutely nothing else you can ask for and then hop back into the charter bus to enjoy the relaxing, cooling air-conditioner in the bus. What luxury.

Photography lovers, it is time to put your cameras and skills to the test. The sandstones here are really very unique – you can't quite find the same scene, place and picture anywhere else in the country, we assure you. Just step out of the bus rental vehicle and be enraptured.

'I just feel that the pictures that I took here were exceptionally I stepped out of the country or the planet and ended up taking pictures in Mars, Venus or Saturn. I hope to return one day to take more photos,you can't get this kind of landscape anywhere in New York, I am sure of that,' Philip of New York City, who made use of one of our bus rental Phoenix charter buses, said.

So, if you are ready to explore Phoenix the way Philip did, just give us a call and let's see another side of this country that you can never see in the city that you currently live in.

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