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Within Piestewa Peak, there are multiple trails with different difficulty levels - Dreamy Draws Trail, Nature Trail, Freedom and Mohave Trails too

Outdoor Adventure at Piestewa Peak

Feb 10, 2014

After all the hustle and bustle of living in a metropolitan city, it is a breath of fresh air to enjoy the great outdoors. Should you be looking for a nice place to enjoy that, how about Piestewa Peak in Phoenix? Piestewa Peak is the second highest point in the Phoenix Mountains in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. Previously known as Squaw Peak, Piestewa Peak is relatively young, only formed about 14 million years ago, although it is composed of much older rock.

There is much flora and fauna found at Piestewa Peak such as cactus like the saguaro, barrel, hedgehog, prickly pear and jumping cholla. Surprisingly, there are many trees and colourful shrubbery in this desert area such as palo verde, ironwood trees, creosote, desert lavender and giant sage shrubs. In early spring, charter bus visitors can enjoy beautiful wildflowers like Mexican gold poppies, scorpionweed, lupine and desert globemallow. There are also lots of reptiles and wildlife to be found at Piestewa Peak.

Hiking Piestewa Peak

The mountain preserves on Phoenix Mountains are undeveloped desert areas. The Piestewa Peak Summit Trail goes on for as long as 1.2 miles with an elevation gain of 1,208 feet. This trail is the most popular, however, rarely do charter bus visitors hike to the top of Piestewa Peak due to the heat especially during summer months, and the trail is actually pretty difficult.

Here are some trails that are available on Piestewa Peak, depending on the difficulty you can expect during the climb.

Easy Trails

  1. Dreamy Draw Nature Trail: Just north of Dreamy Draw Recreation Area’s parking lot, this is a trail that also features a children’s loop, where kids can also try hiking.

Moderate Trails

  1. Mohave Trail: This trail is about 4 miles long, with elevation up to 1,788 feet. Trailhead is located just above the Mohave picnic area at Phoenix Mountain Park and Recreation Area.
  2. Nature Trail: 1.52 miles long, this trail can be accessed from Apache picnic area.

Difficult Trails

  1. Freedom Trail: Part of the Summit Trail, the Freedom Trail is 3.74 miles long and has elevation up to 2,102 feet. Hikers with pets or on horseback cannot complete this loop as some areas prohibit animals.
  2. Perl Charles Memorial Trail: This 4.8 mile trail goes past a cookout area, quiet valley and a tunnel.

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