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May 31, 2013 - Music To Your Ears At The Musical Instrument Museum

People of all ages will not deny that music is a great way to bring unity in the hearts of different people and generations. In one way or another, music has always been a great tool to bring people of different nations, generations and ages together. Music is usually connected to celebration - be it the loud and noisy kind of celebrations or the quiet and sombre kind. If you enjoy music of all kinds and you are always keen to learn about musical instruments, then you should really rent a bus and have the bus driver bring you to the Musical Instrument Museum - MIM for short, to enjoy a vast collection of musical instruments from around the world.

The Musical Instrument Museum was opened to the public on April 24, 2010. Together with his friend, Robert J. Ulrich and Marc Felix founded the Musical Instrument Museum. Robert J. Ulrich was a former CEO and chairman emeritus of Target Corporation, who also happens to be an avid collector of African art and as well as a world museum enthusiast. It was after a visit to the Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels, Belgium that Ulrich had the inspiration to create a museum with collections of musical instruments and the music of the countries of the world.

Renting a bus to the Musical Instrument Museum will free you from having to look for directions to the place. This way, you will arrive at your destination comfortable and stress-less, and get to enjoy the incredible experience viewing the exhibits of musical instruments from around the world and listen to some of the most fascinating music that has ever been created from the musical instruments.

All the musical instruments that are exhibited in the Musical Instrument Museum are either purchased from other collectors or donated by the original makers or musicians who have owned and played them. At any one time, there are nearly five thousand out of the museum’s collection of more than fifteen thousand musical instruments and artifacts that are on display.

There is an admission fee for visitors to the museum which includes the usage of user friendly wireless headsets to enjoy the museum’s galleries. However, visitors are welcome to bring their own personal headphones to use as well. The reason why the headsets are provided is because the headsets receive will pick up music from the displays nearest to you. As you walk through the museum, you will notice screens playing video clips of people using the instruments in their own native environments.

Before you leave the museum and hop on your rented bus, perhaps you may even want to check out and purchase some books that are educational as well as entertaining on music, and musical instruments from around the world that are available in the Museum Store.

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