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Oct 25, 2013 - Get Loud and Have A Splashing Good Time in Summer

In June, at the peak of the summer heat, Yelp’s team of adventure seekers decided to put together an event called Yelp’s SUmmer Splash and Dash Pool Series at Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort. We are unsure about whether this is the first time the travel portal have come up with this event but it was sure a splashing good one.

And if we can all be a little bit more frank about summer situation in is hot. Sometimes, the temperature outside borders on unbearable that we feel lucky to be inside a bus provided by Bus Rental Phoenix. But there is good side to all of this because it means we should all head outdoors, get out our bikinis and dust off our boards and just let our hair down at events like these.

In a lot of ways, Phoenix is blessed with loads of space, awesome all-year-round weather and fantastic people from all walks of life and it is also blessed with such a gorgeous Phoenix charter bus tourist magnet resort like Pointe Hilton Squaw Resort. It has everything it needs to be classified as A-class resort.

Yelp also organized various other similar splash and dash events in other resorts and people just took to it like ants to honey. We had a great time joining in with other internet travel site trollers and made some really awesome friends along the way. When you join an event like this one, you know you are in good hands. There is food, there are drinks, and not to mention, loads and loads of fun games to join.

You will be surprised at how readily people are about letting their hair down, picking their own ride and sliding lazily down the lazy river in a human chain. Bizarrely fun!

Although we did not have room in our itinerary for even MORE fun at the retro party which features 50’s style music and entertainment, the event was very well organized and thought out. In fact, you can easily organize an event like this on your own. Just gather a team of people and start planning what you want to do for next summer with a shuttle bus, coach charter, mini bus, charter bus or even a smaller but adequate school bus. You have plenty of time to put things together because right now, it is off season and the best time to get things done is...yes, you have guessed it season. And besides, the great thing is that you get early bird price and group pass discounts too.

In the meantime, for those who are hunting down group transportation service providers in Phoenix, you know Bus Rental Phoenix is here for you. Give us a call for more information or let’s connect on our online social media sites. Hear from you soon.

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