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Nov 19, 2012 - Camelback Mountain (Phoenix)

Hike, have fun, bond with friends and family...that is what Camelback Mountain is all about. The sole reason the resort is still here is because it allows people from all walks of life some live, breathe, build, invent, exercise and accept challenges during the cold winter months. It is, some reports said, one of the finest winter resort in the country. Fans of Camelback Mountain said that the real reason why they come here during winter months is that this is the kind of laidback place that people come so that both grownups and kids can let their hair down and be kids! The hiking spot is available and open to anyone who is willing to take up the drill all year round but winter seems to be a popular time to hike here.

At the end of the day, it is a place that is removed from everyday life, the humdrum of work stress and yet, it is quiet without being silent, busy without being overwhelming. You can get your much-needed rest and relax without feeling guilty and let your hair down without being judged. All in all, it is a place where you are close to nature.

Advice from those who have went there before – bring plenty of water, snacks and invest is some good shoes. It is fun but hiking the trail is not as easy as it may seem and you might need some gloves (especially during winter) on too. Overall, it isn't an overwhelming ascend but there ARE some pretty challenging parts to the space.

Don't take the little ones with you for the hiking, instead, leave them at the resort park where they can continue to enjoy the rare rides with completely wild abandon. And after the hike, for those of you who are not tired out by it, can have a go at snowtubing with all your family and friends! For persons who are between 33” and 43” in height should go on one tube with a grownup, parent or guardian. After racing your brothers, sisters and friends to the bottom of the hill, hop onto one of the cars on the conveyor walkway as it will take you all the way back up to the top of the mountain.

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