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Phoenix is an outdoor lover's paradise. Get involved with canyoneering, go-kart racing, horse-back riding or hire a personal guide for a group gripping adventurous tour

An Adventure in Phoenix Wild Outdoors

Apr 4, 2014

Spring is here and it is time to put the winter clothing back in storage and start planning the perfect outdoor trip with your loved ones. Phoenix is known for its mountainous terrains and wide open spaces that is perfect for an adventure.

Here are some suggestions about where you can charge up your adrenaline in Phoenix.


Mother Nature has blessed Phoenix AZ with a natural outdoor playground in the form of plains as well as rocky canyons. Here, you can find yourself jostling through smooth granite slots, gushing waterfalls, trekking your way around forest pools and then climbing steep cliffs all within a couple of hours.

If you intend to organize a group trip out to these rather tough terrains, we strongly recommend giving Bus Rental Phoenix a call to find out if we have the best charter bus to transport your group to these locations.

Within a single day, you might find yourself wading through pools, scrambling and then hiking through some of earth’s most special geological playground. A typical canyoneering trip out in the Phoenix AZ wilderness will take up anywhere between 8 to 12 hours. As this activity is dependent on the weather, group and private tours is openly available widely throughout April to October.

For beginners and those who are unfamiliar with Phoenix terrain, hiring a guide might be required.

Indoor Go-Karting with K1 Speed Phoenix

With 22 indoor go-karting tracks all around the country, K1 Speed Karting has an indoor karting track at 2425 South 21st Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034. Give them a call at (602) 275-5278 for details about their tracks and karts. Corporate enquiries and questions or bookings for private parties should be directed at (855) 517-7333 instead.

The karts are European-style karts that run with 20 hp engine and can go up to 45mph but are suitable for even novice and first-timers.

Go-karting parties are suitable for:-

  • birthday parties
  • team-building exercises
  • special occasions
  • corporate functions
  • family outing
  • bachelor or bachelorette parties
  • Bar or Bat Mitvahs

Horseback riding through the Sonoran Desert

If you are used to city life and are here in Phoenix for the very first time, taking on a tour around Sonoran Desert on the back of a horse is recommended. It is the best way to learn, first hand, about the wild west the way cowboys used to trek around it. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the landscape, the desert’s very unique history and story.

A typical tour last about 1 to 2 hours, depending on your personal preference, and affordably priced anywhere between $50 to $150 per person. If you have kids with you during their trip, they would have to be at least 6 years of age.

Rappel Arizona’s fun outdoor activities

For something more extensive, you may need the help of professionals and this is precisely what is provided by the likes of Rappel Arizona which comprises of degreed guides who are passionate about you having fun. They provide medically-trained individuals who are experts in their field and industry. Most importantly, the tours are fully insured and safe. For more information about the qualification of their guides, give them a call at (480) 298-3364.

Rappel Adventure provides the following activities:-

  • Rappelling Excursions
  • Half-day Rock-Climbing adventures
  • Adventure Course Package
  • Escape Package
  • Sonoran Package
  • Rock and Yoga
  • Canyoneering activity

Bus Rental Phoenix can be your travel partner as you challenge yourself to these courses

With our wide network of charter bus owners and operators, we are confident about being able to find you the right bus for your trips. All we need to know from you is the size of your group, the pickup and dropoff locations, time and we are ready to be at your service.

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